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Diocese of Lake Charles
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Request for Proposals
Diocese of Lake Charles








RELEASE DATE: September 18, 2020


The Firms Will Provide Broad Services Focused On Managing Recovery Efforts And Securing Funding

Lake Charles, Louisiana -- The Diocese of Lake Charles, which experienced substantial losses across dozens of facilities due to Hurricane Laura two weeks ago, announced today that it has selected DCMC Partners and The Lemoine Company to assist them with their recovery efforts. The firms, which have a long history providing similar services both in Louisiana and nationally, will provide the Diocese with project management support and will be responsible for overseeing and executing Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funded projects resulting from Hurricane Laura. Many of the parishes in the Diocese of Lake Charles sustained severe damages to their facilities as a result of the hurricane. “The breadth and depth of losses within the Diocese are astounding,” said Stephanie Rodrigue, the Director of Temporal Goods at the Diocese of Lake Charles. “Initial estimates are just beginning to come in, but we think the Diocese experienced at least $60-$100M in losses, maybe more.” The list of known damages include: the destruction of five of the parishes and four others experiencing major damage; the loss of facilities and equipment supporting dozens of supported service organizations; and significant storm-related impacts across five of the six schools within the Diocese. This situation has created an unprecedented challenge and was a driver for the Diocese’s decision to seek outside expert assistance. “It is critical that our many parishes, schools and service entities get the help they need to return as soon as possible, so that we can continue to provide needed services and spiritual support in our communities,” said The Most Reverend Bishop Glen John Provost, M.A., D.D., who oversees the activities and spiritual health of the Diocese of Lake Charles. “Our decision to hire DCMC Partners and The Lemoine Company after a considered, competitive process that involved many qualified firms, will help us begin our recovery process to fully restore our Diocese for today, as well as tomorrow.” DCMC Partners is a public safety and crisis management consulting firm, bringing more than 25 years of disaster recovery leadership to help clients restore their services, rebuild, and maximize resources for recovery. They have helped States, local governments, hospitals, utilities, schools, and other organizations secure, manage, and retain well over $30 billion in FEMA and other recovery funding, plus billions more in insurance resources. The Lemoine Company, LLC is a top-400 commercial construction firm that specializes in project management, disaster recovery coordination, and construction management services. Both companies are headquartered in Lafayette, Louisiana.